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Booze And Gummy Bears Have Come Together!

The perfect combination!! Booze and Gummy Bears. My life is now complete! These @Project7 cocktail-inspired gummy bears make the perfect stocking stuffer! Find them only at @Targetfor the holidays #ad — (@foodbeast) December 14, 2017 Read More

Nutter Butter And Chips Ahoy Cereal?

So Nutter Butter and Chips Ahoy are making their own cereals? Do people still care about "Nutter Butter" enough to make it into a cereal? Nutter Butter and Chips Ahoy cereals are now a thing — Fast Company (@FastCompany) December 15, 2017 Read More

Roy Moore's Horse Is On Twitter

Roy Moore's horse is on twitter and he has a few things to say! I DID NOT CHOOSE THIS LIFE. PLEASE, IF HE WINS HE WILL RIDE ME INTO WASHINGTON AND I AM SCARED OF CARS. — Roy Moore's Horse (@RoyMooresHorse) December 12, 2017 Read More
James Mercer of The Shins

The Shins Announce Reworked Album 'The Worm's Heart'

The Shins have announced a new project titled The Worm’s Heart. RELATED: The Shins' creativity level reaches "Half a Million" in latest video The album serves as an opposite version of their 2017 release, Heartworms . It features the same tracklisting in reverse order, with the slow songs re-... Read More

POLL: Traditional Christmas Lights or Projector "Laser" Lights?

It's the trend in holiday decorating that is sweeping the country. In fact, your neighbor probably is using it. Yet, we've found how polarizing this new trend truly is. We're talking about laser Christmas lights. You know, the Christmas light displays that project green, red and "festive dots" onto... Read More

Obituary: AOL's AIM 1997-2017

AIM , age 20, of America Online fame will be "put out to pasture" tomorrow (December 15, 2017), after 20 years of loving service to the internet. When I'm at work and Gchat goes out Im about to be like 'whatup SmarterChild'? The OG Siri. #flashbackfriday — Leah Bishop (@... Read More

$1000 Can Get You Free Beer For Life!

This may be the greatest thing ever! All you have to do is make a one time investment of $1000 to Buffalo Bayou Brewery and you get free beer for life...or until they go out of business. $1k investment with brewery buys you free beer for life via @ABC13Houston — Wanda Texas... Read More